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TRu Workwear Key Technologies

Our Fabrics


Our cotton fabric facilitates multiple garment weights, from light through to heavy. Each offers different properties like breathability or durability.


Ripstop fabric is manufactured using a unique reinforcing technique that makes the fabric highly resistant to tearing.


Polyester fabric is made from strong yet lightweight fibres; wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistantand fast drying. Polyester fibres retain high-visibility dyes for long periods.


Micromesh is a lightweight polyester fabric giving complete breathability to the wearer. Perfect for sweltering and humid conditions where optimum airflow is essential.


Strong, durable 14.5-ounce denim, withstanding long-term wear. Denim is a versatile fabric suitable for transitioning between onsite and offsite work.

Polyester Oxford

Polyester Oxford is the highest quality polyester fabric. Flexible fibre construction makes the fabric breathable, and high abrasion resistance gives this fabric excellent longevity.


Softshell fabric provides water resistance and comfort with its triple-layered fabric construction. It is a softer and more flexible material for use in constructing wet weather garments.


Bamboo fabric is constructed from natural fibres, giving these garments superior moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo is also a fast-growing plant, which replenishes rapidly.

Garment Weights


Lightweight fabrics are the perfect solution for our warm Australian summer. They are comfortable breezy garments with optimal air flow, best for long hot days onsite.


The TRu Workwear midweight series of fabrics range in weights from 190 to 270gsm. The 190gsm polyester taffeta is a brilliant midweight waterproof solution, whilst the 270gsm cotton canvas ensures a substantial warm winter garment.


The TRu Workwear heavyweight fabric series is a staple of winter garments. From 300gsm polyester through to 300D polyester oxford fabric, these are the perfect solution to keep you warm and dry in winter.

Our Tapes

TRuVis Tape

TRuVis Reflective tape is a premium sew-on tape compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Class R.

TRuVis Segmented Tape

Segmented tape is heat applied and is compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Class R. Segmentation of the tape makes it lighter in weight and increases the flexibility of the garment.

TRuVis Perforated Tape

TRuVis Perforated Reflective Tape is compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Class R. Perforations in the tape allows hot air to escape underneath making it the perfect choice for highly breathable garments.

3M Refelctive Tape

The 3M™ Reflective tape is a premium sewn on reflective tape compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Class R.