Australian Designed

TRu Workwear constructs light and breathable garments with high UPF ratings through extensive yarn development, an essential property for combating harsh Australian conditions. The garment construction - retroreflective tape and high-visibility material configurations - meet Australian safety specifications, providing the wearer with maximum protection. TRu Workwear ensures that every garment meets Australian standards.


Workwear in Australia is only required to comply with the necessary Australian or European standards. Compliance, however, is a simple claim often made without verification. For TRu Workwear this is not enough, seeking assurance from an independent Notified Body (NB), BSI Group. Certification of products by BSI Group ensures the product actually meets compliance claims. This validation by the NB is vital for ensuring garment protection levels are accurate. TRu Workwear has raised the bar within the Australian market by ensuring our products are certified to the highest safety standards, a point of difference that provides peace of mind to the wearer and distributor.


Yarn innovation is the driving force behind our garments. New spinning and dying techniques have allowed the production of garments that last longer and are lighter yet offer more protection, essential for Australian conditions. As a business, we have been investing in research and development to drive innovation, and we remain a market leader in producing industry-first garments.


For a product to outlast the build, it must be built to last; this is why we construct all TRu Workwear garments from the yarn up. We produce and test all garments with technological advancements and yarn spinning innovations, ensuring they exceed fabric specifications and testing. Rigorous testing measures allow us to stand behind our products, knowing they will outlast their intended use.


Australia has some of the most unique working conditions of any country around the world. TRu Workwear is designed to combat harsh sweltering Australian summers as well as its cold crisp mornings. Venting systems that combine horizontal/vertical cooling vents and underarm mesh vents for breathability, fabrics with high-visibility colour fastness and UPF 50+ protection will withstand the Australian sun and are essential garment features to ensure comfortable working conditions. With the ever-increasing need for workwear to last, comfortable and well-fitting products are paramount. All of TRu Workwear's products are fit tested and trialled for user comfort. Our garments are for the worker.

At TRu Workwear, we strive to produce a market-leading workwear range
that is longer-lasting and tailored to the Australian market.
Our fabrics are engineered from specific yarns, providing our garments with inherent characteristics,
ensuring they excel in harsh conditions.
The fabric performance means the garments are built to last and will outlast the build.
This is the TRu difference.