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Tapes patterns on clothing and why they are important?

Tape patterns are vital in enhancing safety and visibility in various industries. Tape patterns have become essential in workwear, from construction sites and roadways to industrial settings. Explore how tape patterns contribute to a safer and more secure work environment. 

Improved Visibility:

One of the primary reasons for incorporating tape patterns on workwear is to improve visibility. In low-light conditions or high-traffic areas, individuals wearing reflective tape and high-visibility bounce back light, making the wearer easily identifiable, even from a distance from all angles. This enhanced visibility is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers, particularly those employed in hazardous or busy environments like construction sites, roadways, and railway operations. 


Many industries have strict safety regulations that require workers to wear high-visibility workwear with tape patterns. These regulations are in place to ensure worker safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Compliance with such standards protects employees from potential hazards and helps companies avoid fines and legal consequences associated with non-compliance. For TRu Workwear, we pride ourselves on becoming the first Australian workwear provider that can validate our safety claims by providing certification.

Types of Tape Patterns:

The main goal of incorporating tape patterns on workwear is to enhance visibility to the worker by utilising different types of tape patterns.

  • The standard hoop tape pattern typically involves the application of one or more horizontal stripes of reflective tape encircling a garment's waist or chest area. This design serves a crucial purpose - to enhance visibility and draw attention to the wearer's presence in various low-light environments.
  • Biomotion design focuses on accentuating the natural motion of the human body, specifically highlighting the elbows and knees, ensuring visibility from all angles, even when the wearer is bending, moving, or crouching down.
  • H-Pattern incorporates two vertical stripes of reflective tape running down the front and back of the garment, along with one horizontal line that connects the two vertical stripes across the chest or back. The resulting shape forms a clear "H" pattern, which stands out prominently against the background.
  • X-Back Tape Pattern is crucial in the Australian NSW rail industry to enhance the visibility and safety of workers operating near or on railway tracks.

Whether it's the construction site, roadway, or industrial setting, TRu Workwear provides a significant advantage in accident prevention. By adhering to safety regulations, TRu Workwear is committed to the safety and well-being of the worker and the industry.