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Class F (w) - What Does This Mean?

Ensuring the safety and visibility of workers is of utmost importance for TRu Workwear. TRu Workwear’s garments are certified to meet the highest standards that significantly enhance visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. One of these standards is the Class F (W) category Class F (W) is a specific category designed to offer optimal visibility and protection among these standards. Delve into Class F (W) workwear requirements and benefits. 

Understand the significance of Class F (W) garments and their compliance with the AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 standard. Class F (W) standard explicitly outlines requirements related to the visibility and possible deterioration of visibility in materials. In addition to meeting the Class F classification, Class F (W) garments undergo an optional wet weather test. This test assesses the garment’s performance in challenging wet weather conditions, ensuring its visibility and luminance in wet environments rather than its durability in wet conditions. 

The fluorescent hi-vis fabrics are woven or knitted out of natural or manufactured fibres dependent on a particular high-visibility colour range. The standard specifies using specific area of the colour spectrum of yellow orange. 

Hazardous work environments, such as construction sites, roadwork zones, and mining operations, require heightened visibility to mitigate the risk of accidents. Class F (W) workwear is vital in safeguarding workers in these environments. These garments are designed to provide heightened visibility, ensuring workers remain visible even in challenging wet conditions. By wearing Class F (W) workwear, workers can navigate hazardous work environments more safely and effectively. 

By wearing Class F (W) workwear, workers can navigate these challenging environments more safely and effectively, reducing the likelihood of incidents caused by limited visibility and unpredictable conditions. 

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